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Polar ice is melting away so fast it can be observed very easily . When in doubt just slide time on EARTH , my favorite Google product .

What happened to “We the People” ?

What a stupid question. Of course it turned more into “They the government”. All the politics in this world ever so quickly killing all the people in this world. All lives matter until its the governments time to be heard. I think racism really started to die off back in the 80s, along with the American dollar. Printers sure do try to bring those effects back but I am starting to feel like they are just giving us the fuel we need to stay warm and barely alive. (Paper to burn anyone) ??????

GREED is to keep a world that is already beat down and exhausted even more unhealthy and unwealthy by not following basic principles . Wealth and health should not be quality presidential candidate traits. Congress shouldnt care who the president is at all. The house is full of legislatures that dont even know what happened in 1776. They still smoke the same sweet leaf that our founding fathers had . The indians saved the white man that came to america . And for that i am grateful . If they could cut the greed and live more conservatively , no stimulus checks , just a few tax free years could greatly help all the worlds problems . Stop taxing people just to get that crap currency back for your own endevours. I am riding a rock with a bunch of ship jumpers

Silver nanoparticle evolution

Its about that time. I have been messing with silver and ions for the past 20 years. I hope everyone that doubted me and the product cant help but remember everything I believed about it. I havent changed a bit. The science hasnt changed either it just took a pandemic crisis to reveal its worth. I have my own formula all to my own . Tesla would get a kick out of it is all that can be said about it times 3 . I would be willing to reveal my magical formula if any curiosity is aroused.

Arkansas Repeals Sales Tax on Gold and Silver Bullion — BLZE

Arkansas Gov. Asa Hutchinson recently signed a bill into law exempting gold and silver bullion and coins from sales tax. This will not only relieve some of the tax burdens on investors in the state; it will also take a step toward treating gold and silver as money instead of as commodities. Sen. Mark Johnson […]

Arkansas Repeals Sales Tax on Gold and Silver Bullion — BLZE
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